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Pedro Almodovar: The Skin I Live In @ Curzon Mayfair

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Pedro Almodovar is the finest Spanish director of films since the heady days of Luis Bufnuel.

His latest film: The Skin I Live In stars Antonio Banderas and new muse Elena Anaya, though she was in his film of 2002: Talk to Her. It explores much of the themes of previous films and is an acknowledgement to a past movie entitled Live Flesh (a lose adaption of Ruth Rendell's 1997 novel of the same name).

Skin covers: a  sex change, voyeurism, brutal sex, clinical sets, art, fashion, a beautiful woman, the odd gay reference, undetected murders, drugs, mental breakdowns (but only at the edge) and gives a glimpse of what wealth and science can sometimes buy. It's a heady mix.
Skin is beautifully shot with a range of stunning sets albeit if they are deliberately claustrophobic given most of the film is set in a wonderful house (yet another one). 

I wouldn't want to add much more - Skin has been widely reviewed this week and I saw it today at the Curzon Mayfair.  


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