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If I was Alex Salmond

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Last week you win a majority of the seats in a Scottish Parliament and then you announce you will at some stage hold a referendum on independence.

Does Alex Salmond pose one, two or three questions on the Ballot paper?

One would be too strong asking voters for a Yes or a No.

Three might be confusing but if they were: a) full independence b) full fiscal independence or c) a compromise on both you'd likely vote for b) but at least the voters would be able to give an indication of what they felt on the other two questions.

Two would be bold a) independence or b) fiscal independence which would likely result in b).

The real issue is when to call the Referendum and my guess is that it will be within three weeks of the end of the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow, in 2014.

So that makes it: 24th-31st August.........


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