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UK Citizens who hide their money overseas to avoid paying UK taxes are crooks

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George Osborne said in today's The Observer that the plans announced earlier this week - which gives the power to levy UK taxes on UK citizens "hidden" bank accounts in Switzerland - is the beginning of a clamp down on all overseas accounts.

This smells.

We need first to put into the public domain the names of those UK taxpayers who have failed to legally pay their rightful taxes in the UK. We need to publicise the lawyers and accountants who have been their advisors. The UK Government AND the Swiss Government need to share the intelligence of who these people are and how long they have had tax-avoidance schemes.

We had riots across most of our large cities three weeks ago for a variety of reasons. There is a connection from those who are at the bottom of the ladder looting and rioting and those at the top looting taxes due to the nation.  


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