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Welcome to my new website

I am a NED @ Crowdbnk and a Strategic Advisor to StartUpCapitalVenture 2 in San Francisco; I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE NHS Innovations SE, Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC and the Great Retail Revival Foundation.



Mad idea for UNO to create an agency for data protection and security as proposed by EU Commissioner for Digital Economy

Take 5 Activities this weekend

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1. South of the Border (Directed by Oliver Stone)
A Stone love-in of the various democratically elected Presidents of South America (save Cuba) and the age old story of how the Pentagon and the CIA spills blood everywhere. Brilliant cutting between Fox News (marginally right of Genghis Khan) and events as they happened. Wonderful scene where Bush is not only upstaged but embarrassingly outplayed. But does anyone care about South America anymore, Brasil notwithstanding, as we look towards India and China?

2. Wired (UK) magazine
Wired has had several different lives in the UK but the new attempt, launched just over a year ago, has seen the editorial pages rip with confidence. It has stories no-one else gets. Pity The Guardian's tech supplement is no more on Thursday's.

3. Inn on the Park for al fresco lunch
This Sir Michael Hopkins design for a restaurant in St James's Park is a joy to behold. His love of wood is once again evident (see also Portcullis House). The food's not bad either. Great for Sundays but BOOK - 020 7451 9999.

4. The Politician by Andrew Young (St Martin's Press)
Remember John Edward's the good looking boy from the South who might have won the Democratic nomination in 2004 and thought he would for 2008? Well, here's the reason he didn't. Andrew Young was his side-kick and as problems grew in Edwards' marriage, he was tasked with lying to the media. This is his riveting account of how Edwards disaggregated. You won't put it down.
5.Henry Moore at Tate Britain (ends 8th August)
Last chance to see his work in this wonderful show. 


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