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Welcome to my new website

I am a NED @ Crowdbnk and I am on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE IP hub & Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC; I am a Trustee at BookTrust. I was a runner up in the UK Charity Chair 2015 awards.



@amieswill good news stay safe


I founded the Women's Sport Foundation (1984),, the first family computer channel, on BSkyB (1995), the Oxford University Internet Institute (2000), the Parliamentary Sports Fellowship scheme (2004) & a Digital Day for the Nation (2007) which is now a week.

I am a member of RIBA's Library Committee and the Design Council's Sounding Board.

I am still trying to put the funding together for an Internet Policy Institute.

A Rugby World Cup to Savour by Derek Wyatt   The All Blacks came, they played, they nipped their yips – against France winning 62-13 in the quarters - and finally won a rugby world cup outside their own country. They were the complete team. Salute them: there were no others, in this the finest of finals. Salute especially, Ma’a Nonu, the slinkiest and dinkiest of runners, the sheer quality of Dan Carter’s passing and kicking and the inspiring captaincy of Richie...
Social Networking 03/38 26th-1st November 2015 Monday Allison Swan @ Light Centre Tuesday Meg Ryan @ CambridgeStreetCafe Wednesday Working Day Thursday Richard Haywood @ RPC Friday Royal Trinity Hospice Frances Edmonds Trish Hitch Cat Byers Saturday RWC 2015 Final @ Twickeham Andrew & Oliver Bibby
Social Network 03/39 02 -11 November 2015 Holiday in Madeira Social Network 03/40 12-15 November 2015 Thursday Podiatrist @ Pimlico Allison Swan @ Light Centre Daisy Wyatt @ Kensington Friday Sarah Gray@Royal Trinity Hospice Dante @ D2K  Derren Brown @ Palace Theatre Saturday &       ...
Madeira by Derek Wyatt My Sunday school teacher was called Miss Penelope Isle. She used to take her holidays in Madeira. We thought that very posh. We did not know where it was but it sounded exotic. We were rather a naughty lot and when she returned we used to come into class with our arms flapping like a plane whilst making a noise like a missile. It was a terrible joke but we repeated it until the penny dropped.  Fifty five years on, I have finally made it to this extraordinary...
A written constitution but not by default By Derek Wyatt   The end game has to be four lower parliaments - England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland - of equal powers. Not a new city mayor here in Manchester and there in Sheffield and oh by the by, regional autonomy for Cornwall. This is a madness: you cannot go on amending a “constitution” without an overarching plan.   Over the top of the four national parliaments would be an elected upper chamber or...

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The internet's role in the recession. G20 and we20
we20 have been lucky enough to speak to Derek Wyatt MP one of the pioneers of internet adoption within UK Parliament. Derek spoke to us about the internet's role in contributing to and possibly solving the recession. He also explains some background to the G20 Summit and discusses we20.

Internet Stuff

Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights published
Policy Exchange one of our more vibrant think tanks - though slightly right wing - has produced an excellent technology manifesto

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