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Welcome to my new website

I sit on the Board at Crowdbnk and I am a Strategic Advisor to StartUpCapitalVenture 2 in San Francisco and I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE NHS Innovations SE, Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC and the Great Retail Revival Foundation.



LMA = Lame Managers Association


I founded the Women's Sport Foundation (1984),, the first family computer channel, on BSkyB (1995), the Oxford University Internet Institute (2000), the Parliamentary Sports Fellowship scheme (2004) & a Digital Day for the Nation (2007) which is now a week.

I am on the new SE RFU Legacy Board for the RWC 2015; I am an Ambassador to the European Brain Council's Year of the Brain 2014/15 and sit on the Senior Advisors Group at Pagefield.

I am a Patron at RIBA anda member of its Library Committee and I have just been asked to join the Sounding Board at the Design Council.

I am trying to put the funding together for an Internet Policy Institute.

The Guardian's Letters Page 37 "If we had visionary political leaders we would be offering a radical solution: a more federal UK" Dear Sir Our political class is essentially only interested in protecting its own base. If we had visionary political leaders then we wouldn't still be trying to reform the House of Lords (now over a century in waiting). Instead we would be offering a radical solution: a more federal UK. There should be four equal national parliaments...
Social Networking 2/27-2/30 21st July to 24th August 2014 I went in for day surgery in late July and was reassured it was a simple procedure. I went back in last Wednesday for a second operation to make good the first! As a consequence, I have had to take things easy for a month, which is not something I am very good at. But it does look as though the second intervention has done the trick! Full service resumes next Tuesday...... 
Submitted 8th July 2014 for publication a week later in Chelsea & Kensington Today Parliament Squared by Derek Wyatt The Conference Season is Dead   As Parliament limps to a  close for its shortened recess (MPs return for barely two weeks in early September before the Conference season causes a major rush to the seaside) the media is readying itself for the longest run in for the next General Election which is now set for 7th May, 2015. Unusually for the British...
Suffolk: steal a lazy long weekend there soon by Derek Wyatt  I would spend most of my summer holidays as a boy with my grandfather in his small terraced house in The Croft, Bures on the Stour which bordered Essex and Suffolk. He had retired early from the Admiralty and sought a place by the sea to continue his love of sailing but somehow ended up in a backwater.   He was a canny old bird. Every day he would try to avoid the washing up! He would go and do the daily...
The BBC has not been fit for purpose for over twenty years. It chose not to participate in satellite or cable. The consequence of this was it missed the digital revolution which has transformed our lives. More recently, it lost £100m in a digital production project without anyone really minding. It also turned down a Facebook equivalent before we had ever heard of social networks. True, they did see the importance of the net and its web sites did once lead the way but no longer....

Latest Video

The internet's role in the recession. G20 and we20
we20 have been lucky enough to speak to Derek Wyatt MP one of the pioneers of internet adoption within UK Parliament. Derek spoke to us about the internet's role in contributing to and possibly solving the recession. He also explains some background to the G20 Summit and discusses we20.

Internet Stuff

Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights published
Policy Exchange one of our more vibrant think tanks - though slightly right wing - has produced an excellent technology manifesto
Ofcom has today published its new 2014 report, which provides detailed evidence on media use, attitudes and understanding among adults aged 16 and over. Ofcom has a statutory duty to promote media literacy and conducts research to provide an accessible overview across TV, radio, internet and mobile phones.

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