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Welcome to my new website

I am a NED @ Crowdbnk and a Strategic Advisor to StartUpCapitalVenture 2 in San Francisco; I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE NHS IP hub & Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC; I am a Trustee at BookTrust



What is BIS for? Needs top to toe reform. Universities should return to Dept of Education and be significantly reformed. Innovation? Please


I founded the Women's Sport Foundation (1984),, the first family computer channel, on BSkyB (1995), the Oxford University Internet Institute (2000), the Parliamentary Sports Fellowship scheme (2004) & a Digital Day for the Nation (2007) which is now a week.

I am on the RFU SE Legacy Board for the RWC 2015, an Ambassador to the European Brain Council's Year of the Brain 2014/15 and sit on the Senior Advisors Group at Pagefield.

I am a member of RIBA's Library Committee and the Design Council's Sounding Board.

I am trying to put the funding together for an Internet Policy Institute.

The Timid Party and the EU dominate the Political Class by Derek Wyatt   The Timid Party (aka as the Labour Party) is awash with elections (again). Somehow it has allowed its leader, Ed Miliband to throw his toys out of the pram by resigning immediately. Meanwhile, there are eight candidates seeking the Labour nomination for London.   In May, 2010 Gordon Brown then still the PM even though Labour had lost the popular vote should have resigned the day after the general election and...
Social Networking 3/16 25-31 May 2015 Monday Bank Holiday 600 Tennis coaching @ Pimlico Tuesday Physio @ London Clinic Conference call @ NISE NHS Denis McShane @ Pimlico Bump Vicky Pryce Graham Hacche Wednesday Conference call @ BookTrust Supper @ Bleeding Heart Bump Jeremy Green Andy Richardson Marek Paczynski Norman Baptist Thursday 600 Neil Watkins @ Portcullis House Bump John Penrose MP Tom Watson MP Jonathan Djanogly MP Vernon Coaker MP Frank Field MP Daisy @ Bill's,...
It was the soap suds election. The Tories promised to wash their policies in blue rinse Persil whilst Labour preferred razzle-dazzle iDaz. One day Cameron conjured up an extra £8 billion for the NHS with a sleight of the hand whilst, on another, Miliband gave us a giant size tablet so big you could not close the washing machine. Poor Clegg was left to peg out the washing. And UKIP? Their one man band failed to stop the Tide coming in. They should be renamed the Canute party. Only the SNP...
Social Networking 3/12 27 April - 3 May 2015 Monday Jeremy Hunt @ Pimlico Diana Gerald,  Marlene Johnson & Karen Brown @ BookTrust Force Majeure @ Curzon Victoria Tuesday Dan Chambers @ Blink Productions Tony Barratt, tennis coach @ Pimlico Wednesday Letter on who owns our data in FT Mark Alden @ The Caravan, King's X James Hibbert @ D2K Thursday 1000 Club @ Brewers Green Friday Dallas Pounds @ Royal Trinity Hospice Anna Macleod @ RTH Dr Puri @ RTH Bishop of Southwark &
Letter Published in Financial Times  Dear Sir The Gafa line (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) takes a different philosophical view to us poor Europeans. We believe we own our data and should be recompensed for it. They believe they own our data and frequently do. We do not yet own our own data but we would like the EU to rule in our favour so the debate can begin. Yours etc Derek Wyatt Founder, Oxford Internet Institute

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The internet's role in the recession. G20 and we20
we20 have been lucky enough to speak to Derek Wyatt MP one of the pioneers of internet adoption within UK Parliament. Derek spoke to us about the internet's role in contributing to and possibly solving the recession. He also explains some background to the G20 Summit and discusses we20.

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Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights published
Policy Exchange one of our more vibrant think tanks - though slightly right wing - has produced an excellent technology manifesto

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