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Welcome to my new website

I am a NED @ Crowdbnk and a Strategic Advisor to StartUpCapitalVenture 2 in San Francisco; I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE NHS IP hub & Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC; I am a Trustee at BookTrust



A memorial for all the unrecognised men and women who worked at @OrfordNessNNR during WW1, WW2 and the Cold War. https:/…


I founded the Women's Sport Foundation (1984),, the first family computer channel, on BSkyB (1995), the Oxford University Internet Institute (2000), the Parliamentary Sports Fellowship scheme (2004) & a Digital Day for the Nation (2007) which is now a week.

I am on the RFU SE Legacy Board for the RWC 2015, an Ambassador to the European Brain Council's Year of the Brain 2014/15 and sit on the Senior Advisors Group at Pagefield.

I am a member of RIBA's Library Committee and the Design Council's Sounding Board.

I am trying to put the funding together for an Internet Policy Institute.

Social Networking 3/26 3-9 August 2015 Monday RIBA Away Day @ RIBA Bump Wendy Fish Gill Webber Tuesday Geoff Bennett @ Thomas Cubitt Wednesday Dallas Pound @ Royal Trinity Bump Clare Montagu Lauren @ Pimlico Rachel Fay @ Pimlico Jack @ Pimlico Thursday Colin Herridge @ Thomas Cubitt Friday: Royal Trinity Hospice Dallas Pounds,CEO Anna Macleod, Head of Fund Raising David Clarson, Deputy Chairman Sir Stephen Wright Allison Swan @ Pimlico Saturday Guy Bell, Ian Pearson &...
Two weeks ago I was short-listed for Charity Chair of the Year by ThirdSector magazine.
Social Networking 3/25 27 July - 2nd August 2015 Monday Labour Leadership interview @ Radio Kent Tuesday Jack & Daisy @ Pimlico Jack @ The Orange Wednesday Rosa @ Pimlico (Goddaughter) Tom Watson @ Ministry of Sound (Supporting him for Deputy Leader) Thursday Sarah Round, CEO, Nile & Gavin Walker, Content Editor, Nile; Nick Leon, Royal College of Art & Dr Ron Jones (on Skype from Stockholm) @ Royal Trinity Bump Dallas Pound, CEO Clare Montagu, COO Dr Sam Lund, Medical...
Social Networking 3/24 20-26 July 2015 Monday Paul Farrelly MP @ Pimlico Samir Savant @ Pimlico Tuesday Development Board @ BookTrust Bump Karen Brown Diana Gerald Samir Savant Former MPs @ Speaker's House Bump en route David Lammy Jeremy Corbyn Bump John Maxton Adrian Flood Bruce Grocott George Foulkes Sylvia & Keith Heal Wednesday James Hibbert @ D2K Denis McShane @ Pimlico Thursday Work day Friday Dallas Pounds @ Royal Trinity Adrian Williams @ Royal Trinity Sarah Lush &...
Social Networking 03/23 13-19 July 2015 Monday Arpan Ganguli @ Pimlico Tuesday Dave Edwards, CEO, British Ski Karen Brown, CEO, BookTrust @ Away Day Wednesday Prem Royal @ Tower Bridge Baroness Finlay @ House of Lords 39 organisations concerned with palliative care Family supper @ Tozi Thursday & Friday Graduation Ceremony @ Nottingham University Saturday & Sunday 80th Birthday Party @ Middle Temple Hall

Latest Video

The internet's role in the recession. G20 and we20
we20 have been lucky enough to speak to Derek Wyatt MP one of the pioneers of internet adoption within UK Parliament. Derek spoke to us about the internet's role in contributing to and possibly solving the recession. He also explains some background to the G20 Summit and discusses we20.

Internet Stuff

Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights published
Policy Exchange one of our more vibrant think tanks - though slightly right wing - has produced an excellent technology manifesto

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