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Welcome to my new website

I am a NED @ Crowdbnk and a Strategic Advisor to StartUpCapitalVenture 2 in San Francisco; I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE NHS Innovations SE, Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC and the Great Retail Revival Foundation.



The Addicks are beginning to look like relegation candidates; the Belgian experiment has not worked time for a takeover.


I founded the Women's Sport Foundation (1984),, the first family computer channel, on BSkyB (1995), the Oxford University Internet Institute (2000), the Parliamentary Sports Fellowship scheme (2004) & a Digital Day for the Nation (2007) which is now a week.

I am on the RFU SE Legacy Board for the RWC 2015, an Ambassador to the European Brain Council's Year of the Brain 2014/15 and sit on the Senior Advisors Group at Pagefield.

I am a member of RIBA's Library Committee and the Design Council's Sounding Board and chair the Development Committee at BookTrust.

I am trying to put the funding together for an Internet Policy Institute.

Social Networking 2/50 12-18 January 2015 Monday Crowdbnk Board @ Shoreditch Bump Ayan Mitre Ian Pearson Anna Yallop @ Parliament Bump Kate Hoey MP Harry Greenaway Paul Joseph @ RPC Bump James Hibbitt David Clarson @ Anchor & Hope Tuesday John Stedman @ Pimlico Draft Annual Plan 2014/15 @ Ofsted Alan Johnson MP @ Fabians Bump Nik Slingsby Wednesday Vanessa Bowcock @ Uno Frances Edmonds @ D Group Bump David Sole Thursday Bob Blizzard @...
Social Networking 2/49 5-11 Jan 2015 Monday Work day Tuesday Skype call with John Stedman Steve Moore @ The Oak Tree Wednesday NISE NHS Board Meeting @ Harwell Richard Gorman @ Pimlico Fresh Thursday Colin Herridge & Francis Baron @ Uno Friday Dallas Pounds @ Trinity Hospice Anna Macleod @ Trinity House Bishop of Southwark @ Trinity Hospice Jane Morris @ Book Trust Saturday Hoffman @ Friends Meeting House, Brighton Bump Matthew Pruen Family...
Trinity Hospice, Clapham As usual, I spent most of this morning at Trinity. I try to have half an hour with Dallas Pounds, our CEO, every Friday just to touch base and we chatted about our agenda for 2015 after a very busy 2014! After Dallas, I then met Anna Macleod, head of fund raising, and we chatted about our 125th anniversary next year and how we might launch later this year. After Anna, Bishop Christopher, bishop of Southwark, visited us and we had an hour with him.
Book Trust This afternoon, I dropped into Book Trust to see Jane Morris to chat through our plans for our new Development Board which I chair. They have just moved to Battersea from Wandsworth.
Two years ago, I started a travel scholarship worth £625 p.a. for a Year 12 or 13 student at Colchester RGS, my old secondary school. Chloe won last year's competition and here's her latest newsletter: I apologise for the length of this newsletter as well as the length of time it has taken to get to you! Throughout the whole Project Trust training and selection process I was repeatedly told how quick our year overseas would pass and until I got here I didn’t realise how...

Latest Video

The internet's role in the recession. G20 and we20
we20 have been lucky enough to speak to Derek Wyatt MP one of the pioneers of internet adoption within UK Parliament. Derek spoke to us about the internet's role in contributing to and possibly solving the recession. He also explains some background to the G20 Summit and discusses we20.

Internet Stuff

Brazilian Internet Bill of Rights published
Policy Exchange one of our more vibrant think tanks - though slightly right wing - has produced an excellent technology manifesto

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