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Welcome to my new website

I am a NED @ Code Investing (formerly Crowdbnk) and I am on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham & I am the new chairman-elect at FISP. I am a Trustee at BookTrust and Major Stanley's. I am currently studying for a part-time MA in International Relations at King's College, London.

I was runner up in the UK Third Sector Charity Chair 2015 awards.



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Social Networking 04/38 14-20 November 2016 Monday Physio @ Vincent Square Dr Leonie Ansems de Vries @ King's Part Time MA Development Board @ BookTrust Bump: Diana Gerald & David Hooper  Tuesday Bill Beaumont, Brett Gosper & Dr Jonathan Webb @ World Rugby, Hilton Metropole Bump: Professor Mark Wilson  Sunil Mitra Kumar @ King's Part Time MA Emily Wallace @ Thomas Cubitt Wednesday  Prof Mervyn Frost @ King's Part Time MA Bump: Liz Kendall MP Sarah...
I spoke at the Global Diplomatic Forum this morning on Smart Diplomacy. There was a goodly turnout of younger minds and the questions came thick and fast.  
Social Networking 04/37 7-13 November 2016 Monday Prof Ned Lebow @ MA King's  Tuesday Sunil Mitra Kumar @ MA King's  Parliamentary Choir @ Cadogan Hall***with Eugene Lee as violinist***** Wednesday  Prof Mervyn Frost @ MA King's Thursday  Jonathan Segal @ Yauatcha John Aloy @ Prospect House Friday Dallas Pounds, David Clarson, Sarah Gray, Megan Veronesi, Marc Stoller & Paul Molloy @ Royal Trinity Hospice Mike Rowberry @ Thomas Cubitt Saturday England
Social Networking 04/36 31 Oct - 6 Nov 2016 Monday  APPG Data Analytics launch @ HoC Bump Fergus Reid, Zeynep Engin, George Dibbs, Daniel Zeichner MP, Chair & Barry Sheerman MP Prof Ned Lebus MA Course @ King's   Tuesday  Moses @ RSA Bump: Jim Dawson & Tom Levitt Philip Bernie @ Chiswick Bump: Lord Hutton Wednesday  Prof Mervyn Frost @ King's MA course Tim & Margaret Stephens @ HoC  Thursday Work day Friday Work day Saturday &...
Parliament Squared by Derek Wyatt In the 20th century,  we failed to understand it until 1945. By which time we had had two different world wars within twenty years. After 1919, we looked backwards; after 1945 we began an NHS, a national transport system and much else. Elsewhere, a United Nations was born (in London in 1942). Other institutions followed  - the World Bank, the IMF, UNESCO, the WTO, the WHO and more. Today, they seem tired and ought to be put out to grass. But no...
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