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I am a NED @ Crowdbnk and a Strategic Advisor to StartUpCapitalVenture 2 in San Francisco; I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.

I chair Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NISE NHS Innovations SE, Major Stanley's Trust at OURFC and the Great Retail Revival Foundation.



When Jobs returned to Apple he closed its Foundation down; here we have a company paying less and less tax everywhere; come on HMG stop them

Two Cracking Exhibitions @ the V&A

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Go see:

British by Design 1948-2012


Ballgowns: British Glamour since 1950

at the V&A.

British by Design was like watching your life flash by - it starts with Coventry Cathedral (John Piper & Graham Sutherland though no Britten) moves into the Festival of Britain (but the Millennium Dome is missing for 2000: now there's a surprise) and onto the mini, punk rock, LP covers, Mary Quant and on and on to Concorde, the e-type and the Olympics (1948 is also included). It's an absolute gem.

Ballgowns was wonderful and the under the radar message was how far and how fast Britain has become a more relaxed and more democratic society. The gowns are are at times amusing, sensuous and beautiful......This exhibition in the new stunning gallery is wonderfully curated.


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