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Blackberry in a desert Cloud?

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RIM, the makers of the Blackberry, have caused a desert cloud in the UAE if not beyond.

When it was formed back in the mid-1990s, RIM created a Network Operations Centre (NoC). These are hosted in Canada for the Americas and one in Europe to cover Europe and Asia. Any company that wants to use the Blackberry has to install its software which can then communicate with one of its NoCs. Consequently, RIM's security is better than anyone else's especially when it comes to email with attachments.

The UAE doesn't like the fact that the two NoC are hosted outside their own jurisdiction. Goodness knows what it intends to do then with the development of cloud computing..........

The problem arose because many Middle East governments did not necessarily understand the consequences of mobile technology especially mobile broadband which gave access to the internet. Previously, access to the net had been largely banned by State owned telephony services. Thus, more recently and for the first time, millions of their people have had access to alternative news and social network sites.  


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