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Universal Digital Rights Launch

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(I have become involved with this Campaign)


LONDON, UK July 4th 2013 -, a new not-for-profit organisation established to promote and protect digital human rights is launching a Kickstarter fundraising campaign to develop a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.

The campaign is being launched on July 4, the date the US Declaration of Independence was launched in 1776.

The goals are: 1) create an online platform to draft a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights, 2) launch an e-petition drive of 100,000 signatures in both the US and UK governments to support the Declaration, 3) stage a global Digital Rights Festival in December 4) all leading to at least One million petition signatures to the United Nations to convene and ratify the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.

Digitterra believes the time has come for a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights that clearly outlines the fundamental principles of how governments, companies and third parties can use citizen’s data online. The organisation has developed a skeleton draft of this declaration with a small group of privacy professionals, however the intent is to crowdsource the drafting of the declaration with the best and brightest experts from around the world.

Digitterra, headed by author and social entrepreneur Dele Atanda, is now launching a project on Kickstarter to build a digital platform to develop these principles with a community of privacy and human rights specialists and to develop a robust document that can be presented to the United Nations for endorsement and support.  They also plan to develop an e-petition tool to gather 100,000 signatures from citizens of the US and 100,000 from the UK and force responses from the White House and Number 10 Downing Street, calling on them to endorse the Universal Declaration of Digital Rights.

In addition Digitterra plans to launch an international campaign to promote its declaration concluding with a Digital Rights Festival in the United States and Europe (locations to be confirmed) on the 10th of December as part of the UN’s Human Rights Day.  Potential locations include New York, San Francisco, Washington D.C, Brussels and Geneva. Project donors and supporters will be able to vote on locations for the festivals and concerts.
Digitterra will invite thought leaders from around the world to speak at this festival and present the declaration to the UN for endorsement.  The festival will close with a concert to celebrate the Declaration of Digital Rights and to encourage One Million people to sign a petition for its recognition by the UN.

Dele Atanda stated, “We believe that the Internet offers us the potential to have more control over our data and privacy than ever before, and to use that data to immeasurably improve our lives. But for that to become a reality individuals must have fundamental digital rights that are codified and respected by all nation states. That is why we have chosen to draft a Universal Declaration of Digital Rights that we will promote through official channels to the UN “

Atanda commented on the project's July 4th launch date, “On this historic day we’re calling on President Obama, Prime Minister Cameron and other heads of state to lead the way in ensuring that freedom of thought, speech and expression is protected as an inalienable human right and remains the cornerstone of free society in the digital age.”

Call to action tweets:

The #privacyrevolution begins today with @Digitterra’s #uddr campaign to establish #digitalhumanrights: #standup4yours

Kickstart the #privacyrevolution with @Digitterra’s #uddr campaign to establish #digitalhumanrights: #standup4yours

For further information visit:  or

UK Contact:  Dele Atanda
+44 7814 632 773

US Contact: Phil Noble
+1 843 296 1490

Media Contact Details
Zoe Whittaker+447889 280 516


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