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Israel's intentions are clear in the Mid East

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Israel's intentions in the Mid East are blindingly obvious. She will either try and destroy Hamas in Gaza and seek some kind of authority over it or push it back into the hands of a compliant Egypt. This would end the White House and Quartet's view of a two state solution for Palestine and Israel which has been a daft idea from the outset. 

The Brits are good and backing the wrong horse all over the Middle East and greater India. We
 fell for the West and East Pakistan solution in 1948 which led to a bloody civil war in 1971 and the new state of Bangladesh. The very idea that you can have Gaza (West Pakistan) and the West Bank (East Pakistan) with Israel being allowed to occupy the middle ground is frankly bonkers.
There is one radical solution - a joint Israel-Palestine state (unlikely) or an alternative single geographical solution for Palestine with Jerusalem becoming a version of the Vatican state. The two state concept which includes Gaza is dead. Allow Gaza to become a version of Bangladesh.


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