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The Tax Payer should not prop up the visit of The Pope

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It was one of the most unforgiving deals in recent history when the Pope signed a contract with Mussolini which gave him his own papal state so long as he made no derisory comments about Mussolini's henchmen and their appalling activities.

Now we are expected as UK citizens to endorse that deal by allowing him a State Visit so that we contribute our own taxes to pay for his security. We would never invite any of the other world religious leaders on a state visit so why provide this exception? And if it is a state visit why should the tax payer pay?

The Catholic church has steadfastly refused to clean up its act on child abuse across the world and will not even endorse using condoms to stop the spread of Aids...........

How on earth was this visit approved by HM The Queen and presumably the old Labour Government?


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