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How Mugabe will steal the Election in Zimbabwe

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12 July 2013

Here is how election rigging will be done. Zanu Pf knows that it needs about 400,000 votes to win the Presidency with 51%. Never mind MPs because they know they are beaten there.

1.Special voting names are going to be used again on July 31.

2.Chihuri has registered 30,000 plus relatives of service personnel as Police officers, they are being intimidated that your vote will  be matched with serial numbers on Application and MDC vote, you will die or lose your job.

3. Special votes will be mixed with Ghost names generated by Nikuv (an Israeli firm providing assistance with election rigging), the votes will be cast in remote polling stations where MDC has no eye. Special Votes will be more than a million but they will be known on July 31 on counting

4.Ghost names have been created by Nikuv for Chirumanzu, UMP, Zvimba and where Mnangagwa will be contesting etc. The votes will be used to match the numbers of MDC T votes on the day as Zimbabwe Electoral Commission chairperson, Justice Rita Kakarau be feeding them numbers. Results will only be announced when the votes are matched like in 2008 after manipulation was finished.

5. Mnangagwa & Service chiefs signed a pact in 2008 for Bob to hand over Power to them since they rigged for him. They forced him to carry on. Now Mugabe is no longer fit, they are now the de facto leaders just waiting for his death to take over and they don’t rule out forcing him out soon after elections.

6. MDC T will protest the rigging but no recounting will be done just like in the past as AU will give credit. The AU chief was given Diamond concessions and is shareholder in Marange.

7. ZANU PF has already printed duplicate special voting envelopes and serial numbers for Ballot papers to be used for replacing the real votes between 14 July & 31 July. They have been ticked and
will be sealed as well. The boxes will be exchanged during storage by ZEC through the NIKUV strategy called ASUV.

8. New arms have arrived from China & Iran for use in the post election uprising and restoring order when Mnangagwa takes over the Presidency
9.Welshman Ncube has been given money and Diamond mining rights too. He will not join forces with other opposition parties, but he was mandated to make sure that he maintains splitting votes like in 2008 and for him it’s not about a President but to maintain what he did in 2008. It’s sad to our fellow progressive brothers with that party at heart and I am saying sorry to you and never say I didn’t caution you. I can give you this is an example Mutambara is always Zanu and was Zanu, why did Ncube reach out to him to lead the party in 2008, what’s their relationship and what was their mission?

Please Zimbabwe open up your eyes we no longer need people playing with Zimbabweans. Are diamond mining rights important than Zimbabweans?

10. Most voters from MDC T known strongholds will be denied the platform to vote through intimidation or their names have been deleted or moved to various areas.

Now Zimbabwe know this, prepare for it and don’t say we didn’t think Mnangagwa will be next president by hook and crook. Progressive Zanu members and MDC T publish this and counter it now as I write not later.
Everyone on Zanu and MDC page, please share and spread.
Asijiki Ndatenda
Baba Jukwa



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