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Who Runs Britain's Foreign Policy?

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Syria was a French "territory" after WW1 and they put the Assad family into power in the last century.

if anyone should be leading on Syria it should be the French. 

America has dithered over Syria as its elasticated red line has finally caused it a major headache.

But the UK now seems ready to take up the gauntlet with America. Pray, what has Syria to do with the UK?

The West stood by on Egypt, helped in Libya and did nothing in Tunisia or Bahrain. 

Russia, now a pathetic country mired in corruption at every level of its being, blows hot and cold about Syria supporting it with out of date weaponry. 

MPs should vote against bombing Syria if it is just a case of a couple of days as a kind of "Don't do this again" retribution. If on the other hand there is a strategic reason to go in then presumably that was the case a year ago. 

What we must be careful of is supporting America because that would help them with their domestic politics. Obama's red line is his red line not ours. 

There is no solution to Syria; we should leave well alone. 


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