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Special Relationship? What's that all about?

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William Hague, struggling to find his voice in Washington, DC today, went on and on about our so-called Special Relationship with the USA. There isn't one. There isn't a special relationship. It 's bogus.
Just look at events since WW2 - and remember they took some time to come into both WW1 and WW2:

1956 Suez - the US Navy shot across one of our ships; President Eisenhower was absolutely livid at the Anglo-French plans to invade Suez

1961 Vietnam - we failed (rightly) to support the US invasion

1982 Falklands - they stood aside refusing to support us

1983 Grenada was invaded by US troops without our knowledge

2003 Iraq invasion - why did we go blindly to war on their Intelligence?

America will do whatever it wants to do; if we think it is somehow important to claim a Special Relationship well I am afraid that only goes to show how our Foreign Office has declined over the past 50 years.


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