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Cameron in America: there is no special relationship

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For aeons and certainly since the end of WW2 we have said that there was a Special Relationship with America. Blair milked it for all he could but essentially if you ask the White House they will cough into their serviettes and laugh quietly about it. They cannot see it nor understand why we keep banging on about it.


WW1 USA was a late entrant (1917)

WW2 ditto (late 1941); but USA still fought on in the Far East to keep Russia out of China and Japan

The Marshall Plan came from USA to the whole of Europe in 1948-53

Eisenhower was appalled at our invasion of Egypt in 1956 which ultimately brought Eden down; indeed a US naval boat shot across our bows such was the disgust

JFK invaded Vietnam - sure he let Macmillan know but he didn't ask for our permission

In searching for a role in the world we decided to make it in Europe under Edward Heath in the 1970s

Remind me where's the Special Relationship in all this? There isn't one. We need to grow up as a nation and determine what is we want in Foreign Affairs and not be dragged into unwanted wars as in Iraq and Afghanistan. We need to be independent on US Foreign Policy especially in the Middle East where we kow tow to them over Israel.


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