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Skiing in Verbier

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I'm not a skier; my arthritic knees make it impossible for me to pull myself up once I have had what is called prosaically a "wipeout"......however, Daisy and Jack, my two children, are pretty good skiers and like their Dad to indulge them.

We've skied in St Martin de Belleville, Davos, Whistler and now Verbier and I've tried board skiing (a gold medal failure) in Gstaad. Between them, they appear to have also skied most other places in France and a little in Spain and Austria with their schools, friends and family.  

Verbier was quite the most expensive ski resort I have come across. Restaurants were wildly overpriced (and not that good), soft drinks and alcohol were prohibitive and the various types of chalets you could rent were at the high end. Soft drinks were £1.50 a can, Beer was £5 a pint, local wines were £40+, non vintage champagne was £75 and supper for two came in at £125 with just two glasses of wine.......ouch.......

Verbier's winter ski population was almost exclusively (if that's not an oxymoron) French, Swiss (French), English and German with a smattering of Serbians. It is unlike its French cousin, Corchevel, which has been overrun by the Russians with their Hummers and Fashionistas.


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