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ISPs need regulating 13.05.12

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13 May 2012
Who owns our IP? The answer is we do but actually we don't. We give our IP away freely to companies like Google, Facebook and a thousand others because we want access to their products. Every time there is an argument about opting in or opting out which has again been in the news today as Talk Talk plans to make it an opt in to pornographic web sites ISPs argue that as they offer their services for free that there should be an opt out policy on IP and other matters. This is to protect their bottom lines. 

The EU needs to rule that we own our own IP and if we are to give it away free it should be for us to opt in and for us to be able to negotiate our own fees for doing so. If the ISPs then argue that this will lead them to charge for access so be it. But they won't. Remember Google, Apple, Facebook et al pay little taxes in EU countries hiding behind an army of lawyers and accountants whilst subverting advertising from newspapers and television companies. How do they contribute to the creative economy if they pay little or no taxes here?

ISPs need to be regulated across the EU. It is time our politician came to the dance floor and insisted on serving the citizens needs first.

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