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G8, Tax and Ethics 01.06.13

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01 Jun 2013
The 39th G8 Summit (a talking shop for the rich countries of the world) will take place at Lough Erne Resort in Northern Ireland from 17th-18th June, 2013. The UK holds the Presidency for 2013.

Given the world wide condemnation of the lack of tax Starbucks, Google, Apple, Amazon et al are NOT paying in  the jurisdictions that they conduct business in, the focus of the G8 will be given over to this thorny issue.

What will be achieved?

How about for starters a joint EU-USA committee to come up with proposals for a new Global Tax body? Dream on. How about an initiative by the WTO or OECD? Really? These organisations represent the past and move slower than the annual tortoise race.

We wait with bated breath.

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