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Many of us over 60 are counted out when part-time jobs come up despite our collective wisdom and abilities.

To counter some of this prejudice I have dispensed with sending my CV and have instead created The Complete Picture, an animated ninety second overview of my life to date @




BCS Conference at London HQ 19.06.13

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19 Jun 2013
Yesterday, I was on the first panel of the BCS annual conference at their London HQ.

Lord Currie spoke for 20 minutes and took much of my script! So when I was called to speak two further speakers had also claimed some territory - I guess it was good we all were in accord as to what the issues facing us were!

I ripped up my speech and just said there were two issues we had to resolve:

1. It was unsustainable that ten years ago 20% of the population had never been online and that today the figure has hardly moved. You cannot keep moving government services online without having a proper strategy to ensure 95% of the population have online facilities at home I doubt you'd ever manage 100%).

2. We are behind on 4G. This is because Ofcom is not fit for purpose in this arena. We need a Secretary of State for Digital with its own regulator.  

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