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Is Blackberry buried? 24.09.13

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24 Sep 2013
There were two things which Blackberry overlooked.

The first was the holding company was called Research in Motion which was a very
eighties concept. The fact was Blackberry was its main public platform and it
took them too long to redress this error.

The second was the way they handled the arguments about security in the Middle
East and India where they resolutely refused to engage in the real concerns of
governments. This made them sound arrogant.

Of course, they failed to see the Apple revolution with their iPhones and kept
thinking that a business Blackberry would always win the day. They lost that

Today's news that they may have sold to a PE player called Fairfax for
£3.5 billion looks over generous. How Fairfax hope to go it alone remains to be
seen. They must want to sell on the iP and think they can do this and recoup
their investment. That's a big bet. My guess is with Nokia going to Microsoft
that Google having bought a pup in Motorola they might be a bidder.

Two thirds of the world wants an HTC smart phone with more function.

There is still much to play for.

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