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Welcome to my new website

Many of us over 60 are counted out when part-time jobs come up despite our collective wisdom and abilities.

To counter some of this prejudice I have dispensed with sending my CV and have instead created The Complete Picture, an animated ninety second overview of my life to date @




A Return to the Digital World 06.06.16

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06 Jun 2016

I stood down from Parliament in 2010.

I served 12 years on the Board at Oxford Internet Institute which I founded; this came to an end in 2012.

I was appointed to the CITI Board at Columbia University which I much enjoy in 2012.

I joined the board of Crowdbnk as a NED in 2013.

I have been chair of NISE since 2014.

I initiated DigitalforLondoners as a "guru" for FISP at the end of 2015; I have just been asked to join its Board.

Otherwise, I have been relatively quiet.

I am going to join the APPG on Data Analytics tomorrow and next week I am speaking at the NextGen conference. I am probably going to chair a session of the Data Conference in Cambridge in September.

I am returning to the fray and looking forward to becoming more involved in digital matters.


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