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Art & Crowd Funding 12.09.16

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12 Sep 2016

ACE and HLF launch experiment in matched crowd funding   

Crowd funding continues to grow in the UK and is now worth £400m a year.

In the light of this NESTA, Arts Council England and Heritage Lottery Fund have launched a joint scheme to discover whether match funding the monies raised by the Crowd will help encourage giving. The organisations are using the platform Crowdfunder for two streams of activity: ACE is offering between £1k - £10k, and up to 25% of total project funds to top up crowd funded work by individual artists in England.

HLF is offering £1k - £10k, and up to 25% of total project funds for projects by organisations in the South West and North West of England and Scotland, if the other 75% is raised by the Crowd.Both organisations are investing £125k each in total. Organisations interested in participating should register their interest when the scheme opens on 14th September. Crowdfunder Managing Director Phil Geraghty said, “we are seeing huge growth in crowdfunding for arts and heritage projects having already raised in excess of £5m on Crowdfunder.” Crowdfunder (register interest here), NESTA.

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