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I chair Royal Trinity Hospice, Clapham; FISP & Major Stanley's, OURFC. I was runner up in the UK Third Sector Best Charity Chair 2015 awards. I am a NED @ Code Investing (formerly Crowdbnk) & on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY & I am a Trustee at BookTrust. Studying for an MA at King's in International Relations. 





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Chairman, Trinity Hospice, Clapham   
Appointed February, 2011: we have to raise £10m every year just to stay open; we offer free palliative care to patients in our world class hospice and/or in their own homes 

Chairman, Major Stanley's at OURFC
Appointed, November, 2012:
the Trust holds the rights to the properties at Iffley Road the home of OURFC; it also selects the annual XV to play the Dark Blues just before the Varsity Match

Chairman, NISE NHS IP hub
Appointed, January, 2014:
we are nearly a decade old but our future depends on us finding alternative funding from HMG; involved in turning it round

Board Director, Crowdbnk
Appointed 2012:
we connect young companies seeking online funding with over 5000 potential investors

Advisory Board, CITI @ Columbia University, NY
Appointed September, 2012: the Advisory Board includes or has included the likes of Vint Cerf of Google, Ivan Seidenberg of Verizon, former FCC Chairman Richard Wiley, German chief regulator Matthias Kurth & former US Senator Larry Pressler

Library Sub Committee, RIBA
Appointed 2013

Sounding Board, Design Council
                                                     Appointed January, 2014

                     Chairman: Development Board, Book Trust

Appointed, October, 2014

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Women's Sports Foundation (1984), Campaign for Fair Play (1984) to stop the British Lions tour of South Africa in 1985 which was successful, the Oxford Internet Institute (1999/2000), The Parliamentary Sports Fellowship Scheme (2004) and a Digital Day for the Nation (2007) now a week.

Speaker: Internet, FOSI in Washington (2), London, Madrid & Bahrain; Internet, Doha Forum (x2); Cyber Security, University of Toronto; Future of Olympics, University of British Columbia, Vancouver; Mobile & Digital, Editorial Intelligence in NY and London; HMG-South Korean Govt. Internet Conference, Seoul; Higher Education, UKIERI in Bangalore & Hyderabad, India; Internet, Stockholm; Electronic Voting, San Sebastian, Spain; Ditchley Foundation, Oxfordshire; St George's House, Windsor (x2)  

Visits: Apple (Cupertino x 3), Google (Mountain View), Samsung (Seoul, South Korea), Rim/Blackberry (Waterloo, Ontario), Microsoft (Redmond x 4), Sony (LA), France Telecom (Paris), Nokia (Helsinki), Ericsson (Lulea, Sweden) & Motorola (Chicago) 

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