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Welcome to my new website

I run my own consultancy specialising in digital content and strategy and sit on the Board at Crowdbnk.

I chair Trinity Hospice, Clapham, NHS Innovations SE, Major Stanley's Trust at Oxford and the Great Retail Revival Foundation.

I am also on the CITI Advisory Board @ Columbia University, NY.  


If Scotland votes Yes it will be the end of Celtic and Rangers

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02 Mar 2012
Google lives on its claim that it should do no evil. Yet, it is clear that it has virtually forgotten all this as it tries to out do Microsoft. We all know that eventually Microsoft was brought to book. Google will be next. We own our own intelelctual property and if organsiations want to mine it they should either pay us or allow to opt-in to any use rather than opt-out (which is the Amercian way).
16 Jan 2012
Rupert Murdoch used his Twitter account to lay into Obama and Google
16 Jan 2012
Microblogging site usage in China rose 296%
01 Jan 2012
Jonathan ive was awarded a knighthood in the New Year's Honours List
30 Dec 2011
An article aboutt he brilliant work of Jonathan Ive from the Daily Mail
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